Did you know?

The time for solar is now!

The cost to build a solar array is now on par with, and in many cases less than fossil fuel sources.

Thinking Ahead

Truly Sustainable

It’s clean, uses only the sun as fuel, and has no pollutants. If you drive an electric vehicle, you’ll save even more!

Together, we can...

Reduce our impact on fossil fuels, Reduce our pollutants and Save money at the same time!

Turner Sustainable Energy Systems designs PV Solar array and panel systems for residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and utility scale clients throughout the northeast.  We can also facilitate construction through our installation partners.

Turner Sustainable Energy Systems is a division of Turner Engineering, PC, a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering firm based in Rochester, NY.  We have over 30 years’ experience in the design of electrical and mechanical systems for the construction industry.  This engineering experience, coupled with our expertise in preparing Construction Documents suitable for bidding, makes Turner Sustainable Energy Systems uniquely qualified to provide an efficient, cost effective, safe, and code compliant solar design and installation.

At Turner Sustainable, we provide all engineering, design, and construction documents required for a complete installation.  We provide a custom design for your home or business, taking into account the array facing direction, roof slopes, grading, and shading to ensure the system is properly sized to meet your energy usage.  We will work with the local utility company, the local building department, and NYSERDA to obtain all permits and rebates.  Our goal is to provide professional, well thought out designs that result in tremendous savings and low maintenance for the life of your system.

We use high quality materials for an installation that will have a 25 – 30 year life expectancy.  Call 585-381-3360 for a free estimate!



Reduce your home energy costs with roof or ground mounted solar arrays.



Virtually eliminate your utility bills on agricultural buildings.



Solar is now a viable alternative for Commercial facilities, including offices, retail, healthcare, and fitness facilities. Installing solar energy can be great PR, and can also help attract and retain employees!



Solar is now viable for industrial facilities too! On-site solar generation is the natural progression of electrical system design



Turner Sustainable Energy Systems is uniquely qualified to design Utility Scale Solar installations.

Financial Incentives Available


    • Federal Tax Credit:      30% of construction cost.
    • State Tax Credit:          25% of construction cost, up to $5,000 (Residential projects only)
    • NYSERDA Rebates:    $0.40/watt up to 50,000 WDC, then $0.35/watt up to 200,000 WDC.
    • Check with your accountant to verify the availability, amounts, and eligibility of tax incentives available.

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    Does Solar work in New York?

    Solar works great in New York!  With long days in the summer, and over 1200 Peak Sun Hours per year, solar is a great alternative in New York.  By comparison, Germany, a world leader in solar energy, has less than 900 Peak Sun Hours per year.

    How long will my solar system last?

    Solar Systems are warrantied for 20 years, and are expected to still be functioning well at 30 years. The inverter may require replacement after about 12 – 15 years.

    How much does the power output degrade each year?

    Power output only degrades about 0.5% per year. After 20 years, your array will still be producing 90% of what it started at!

    Will I still have power in a power outage?

    To ensure a safe system, the solar array shuts down when power from the utility is lost. Batteries can be provided to allow your system to ride through a power outage.

    How do the tax credits work?

    Check with your accountant on the Tax Credits. Generally, a percentage of the cost of the array is refunded through your tax payments. This refund will show up in the following years’ tax returns. The refund will not exceed the amount of taxes you have to pay for the year, but any extra refunds can be carried forward to future years.

    What is the payback for a solar system?

    Payback on Residential Solar systems are frequently about 6 years.

    What is the Out-of-Pocket cost of a Solar Installation?

    With available loans, you can get solar with no out-of-pocket costs! Use the monthly savings from your utility bill to pay back the loan!



    Cool Solar Facts!

    PV panels have dropped from $100/watt in 1970 to less than $0.80/watt in 2016.

    Solar has the ability to provide virtually free energy for over 25 years.

    Solar provides 4,000 times more energy than humanity is expected to consume in 2050!

    All the electrical energy consumed in the United States could be produced by a solar array of 11,665 square miles!  That’s 108 miles on a side! Only 0.3% of the US land mass. (Solar Trillions, Tony Seba)  

    In 2016, there were 373,000 solar jobs in electrical energy production.  In 2016, there were 151,000 jobs for electrical energy production for coal, oil, and natural gas combined. Solar Energy is a job creating machine! (EcoWatch, January 18, 2017)

    Solar energy is not only smart and looks cool, but the benefits of solar extend to many other areas of our life.

    • Solar energy is impacting the way we drive and disrupting the entire transportation industry.  With a solar array at home or work, we can drive with 100% renewable, clean, free energy.  It’s also an important link in the transition to autonomous vehicles, all while reducing our dependency on oil.
    • Solar is very fresh water friendly.  The following is the amount of water required to produce 1 MWh (1,000,000 watt-hours) of electricity”: 
      • Solar: 0.026 gallons
      • Wind: 0.026 gallons
      • Natural Gas: 264 gallons
      • Coal: 528 gallons
      • Nuclear: 660 gallons

    (Clean Disruption, Tony Seba)

    Common Myths about Solar

    • Solar panels use more energy to make than they save.  Truth: In 2-3 years, solar panels produce the energy required to manufacture and ship the panels.
    • Sustainable Energy is more heavily subsidized than conventional energy sources.  Truth: In recent years, worldwide subsidies for sustainable energy has averaged about $120 Billion per year, while worldwide subsidies for coal has averaged about $600 Billion per year.  (Great Transitions, Lester R. Brown)